Sunday, September 2, 2012

An Introduction

Hello world,

I know the title is a little off putting. The Twilight Challenge. Allow me to elaborate. Twilight, it's a phenomenon really. For all the wrong reasons. I can openly say that I don't like the Twilight series, and I read it before the film got released and before the hype. After the film everyone at school started to read it and one girl I swear would read the series over and over and over. Come to school and see her reading a different book every day. 

So who am I? My name is Jessica, I'll be going into eleventh grade this year and my birthday is September 21st. I am a huge Harry Potter, Avengers, X-men, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and Doctor Who fan. So I was destined to hate Twilight from the very start, but I actually didn't. I was recommended the series by a friend and I didn't mind the first one. I just wanted to get through it but it was fine. New Moon is what killed me, I'm sorry but it was the most boring book I ever had the misfortune to read but I did make it through. Then a friend made me read the third, I couldn't finish it. And that's where I lie with the books. As for the films, the first was again okay as it had it's own storyline. Bella was even more boring than she was in the books but it was tolerable. The second movie was as boring as the book and the only saving grace was Taylor Laughtner (and we will expand on the films later, trust me). I watched the third one on an airplane and I went to the washroom half way through so I missed some things. I haven't seen Breaking Dawn part 1 but I've watched enough reviews, I can tell you. Breaking Dawn part 2 to it's credit looks kind of interesting for it's action parts (I saw the trailer before the Dark Knight Rises, which was awesome by the way.) but I won't be seeing it. Well, not yet.

The Twilight Challenge, I would have chosen The Twilight Project, but thanks to a school project that went nowhere the name is out of my grasp. I am challenging myself to read all the books and review them for you, because I see reviews everywhere for Twilight. None by the targeted demographic, aka me. Most are done by men to my senior (I'm looking at you Mark Reads. But his review was awesome, no hate there.). I just feel that I need to say something because my demographic is always misrepresented to like this stuff.So I am speaking out. Unfortunately with my summer schedule, I'll put this off until my school starts. A fine challenge I say. I estimate that I could knock out a book in a month or a month and a half if I'm lazy (but I won't be). This way I can review chapter by chapter (yes I realize I am kind of ripping off Mark Reads, it's out of respect I assure you.) and give the fullest opinion that I can give.

Happy Day before Labour Day, school starts the day after so the challenge will be on soon. I'm sorry that I'm not very eloquent right now. It's after midnight and the idea came to me. Wish me luck. :)